With all the Rat Terrier Registries out there why do we need another. Because the NRTR is not just another Rat Terrier registry and was formed because we didn't just want to be another registry. The NRTR consists of members and associates who are Rat Terrier owners that love them, hunt with them and have them as their best friend. We don't just register dogs, we own them and live with them as part of our family. There is no interest in quantity, we will sacrifice the market place. This registry is run by members and is also a place to meet and share your thoughts and ideas with other RT people. The information that is provided will keep your Rat happy and long lived.
We have separated ourselves from any political arena with dedicated members, associates and honest breeders. As a full service registry we pride ourselves on honestly, dignity and quality. We don't keep records on hundreds of dogs that we have never met or seen. We specialize in Rat Terriers and Rats only and are solely dedicated to all related Rat Terrier breeds. If someone is having a problem in determining if the dog being registered is a Rat Terrier a State Inspector will be sent out to evaluate the dog. If one is not available in close proximity, you can obtain special forms that are taken to your vet for verification. click here and Click Here to Print Quick Reference Guide You get stable reliability and save money by getting the best this world has to offer the Rat Terrier.

Our goal is to keep in tact the 3 qualities that are essential to the Rat, and they are:
Quality 1. A capable utility/hunting dog.
Quality 2. A wonderful family companion.
Quality 3. A watch dog with keen alert senses picking up intruders very quickly.
You shouldn't settle for anything less.
On our certificates we will list color and genetic formula (if it is a photo pedigree), type, size and the Kennel Name of the breeder. This insures that you have  purchased exactly what you thought.
The genetic system  allows people to trace the history of their dog and verify the accuracy of the lines.
Your dog's history is more completely documented.
Future litters can be tracked more easily and the proper mates matched.
Color genetics allow for authenticity of the lines. Color genetics are very accurate. Dogs of certain colors can only produce pups of certain colors. If a litter shows up with questionable colors it is fully evaluated for authenticity of the genetic makeup by tracing back to the grandparents, great grandparents and so on.

By keeping the Kennel Name our breeders will have pride and responsibility about their lines guaranteeing the quality you are looking for. We also do not allow changing the dogs given name once registered. This assures an accurate history. If you are on the NRTA breeders list you must offer the customer a written guarantee. Please see Breeder's Code of Ethics.

The NRTA is strongly against hybrid dogs being registered as Rat Terriers. The NRTR will continue to reject into it's registry any dog coming from any club, organization or registry that had been involved in the cross of the Rat Terrier and American Hairless Terrier and classifies them as a Rat Terrier. Any dog registered with the United Kennel Club who's heritage has not been previously recorded with the NRTR will be rejected.
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Once you've owned or met a Rat Terrier you will feel like you've missed out on something for a very long time. Let's not be selfish, come join us and help share this great little dog with the world, the dog of the millennium.

1996 - 2016