Breeders Code of Ethics
*I will always breed for quality in my dogs, concentration always being on producing a dog that meets the standards and has proper temperament for the breed.

*I will always attempt to place each dog/puppy in a proper home or environment.

*I will take full responsibility for the health and welfare of the puppies that I produce and never knowingly ship or transfer a sick or unthrifty  animal.

*I will not ship a puppy before the age of 8 weeks old.

*I will be honest to potential buyers and never make claims that I can not live up to.

*I will have a written guarantee on every dog/puppy that I sell.

*I will not sell to brokers or pet stores or be a part of any puppy milling.

*I will not falsify a dogs paperwork and will provide all promised paperwork by the age of 12 weeks to the new owner.

*I will keep proper records on all dogs I sell or place

*I will not participate in the fighting of any dog breed.

*I will not knowingly breed a female to more than one stud dog during the same breeding cycle that produces a litter of unidentifiable parentage.

*I will not breed to an "American Hairless Terrier" or carrier of the Hairless gene to sell, promote or represent them as Rat Terriers.

I understand that failure to rectify a complaint lodged against me or failure to abide by the above code will result in suspension or removal as a NRTR breeder.

NRTA Code of Ethics supersedes Breeders Complaints Policy.
Any complaint that one may have about a breeder should be forwarded in writing. The NRTA must receive 3 written complaints before any appropriate action is taken. If these complaints are upheld the following actions may be taken by the President.
1. Suspension from the breeder's list until said complaints have been corrected.
2. Permanent removal from the breeders list.
3. Suspension from the club.
4. Each complaint will be forwarded to the person the complaints were held against when received so that they may address the issues.

RE-INSTATEMENT- If a person has been suspended from the breeders list, 3 letters of recommendation must be received by the NRTA stating that the issue at hand has been rectified. The Board of Directors will review these letters for re-instatement.

NRTA and Breeders Code of Ethics supersedes
Breeders complaints Policy.

NRTA Code of Ethics