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NRTR is a full service registry that prides itself on its dedication to all  related Rat Terrier breeds. We have separated ourselves from any political arena with dedicated members, associates and honest breeders. We don't just register dogs, we own them, love them, hunt with them and live with them as part of our family.
Why to register with us? To keep the breed strong and Because we care.
Photo I.D. Certificate With Color Genetics
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A color genetic system  allows people to trace the history of their dog and verify the
   accuracy of the lines.
Your dog's history is more completely documented.
Future litters can be tracked more easily and the proper mates matched.
Color genetics allow for authenticity of the lines.
One picture says 1000 words and it looks great!

 We offer:
Registered kennel names
Limited registrations
Registered breeders with a code of ethics
State inspectors
Reasonable Prices

NRTR Registration Policy Reserves The Right:

* The NRTA is strongly against hybrid dogs being registered as Rat Terriers. The NRTR  will
   continue to reject into it's registry any dog coming from any club, organization or registry that is
   involved in the cross of the Rat Terrier and classifies them as a Rat Terrier.

 * To remove, reclassify and remedy any situation that would bring disharmony in it's pedigree

* To cancel out records that are incorrect or false.

* To refuse any pedigree that is not properly documented.

* To dis-fellowship any NRTR certified breeder that is not in good standing with this organization.

* To maintain reasonable standards within individual breeding programs and to enforce rules and

* To determine ownership of any dog that is registered with this association.

* To make any decision that will bring harmony with all it's NRTR certificate holders.

* The NRTR will notify those individuals affected by the above. If affected parties cannot be
   contacted, any matter held in dispute will be rectified by the NRTR.

Information provided on NRTR pedigrees is deemed to be as accurate as possible. Some information may have been provided in good faith by the breeder. The NRTA reserves the right to correct any mistakes that are found and shall not be held responsible for any falsified information. A small fee will be charged to cover the cost of issuing new pedigrees. All photos, registrations and all correspondence become the sole property of the NRTR and can not be returned.


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