BACK.....NRTA/NRTR Registry
For Inquires by phone 860-563-2293
Monday through Friday
10:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

*The NRTR does not accept Rat Terrier crosses into its registry. Nor are any dogs eligible for registration if acquired from Pet Stores, Rescues, Shelters, Humane Society's or the ASPCA*

If your dog is Already Registered With Another Registry  Use this printable form and mail it to the NRTR. Or use the Electronic "Dog Registration" Form Below

The following is required along with this application and must be submitted by Postal Mail:

  • Proof and verification of the origin of the dog click here 
  • 3 photos showing front, side and rear view of the dog.
  • A copy of the existing registration papers.

If your dog does not have papers and you are seeking them for the first time,
click here to print out the appropriate forms, there are 4 pages.
Instructions are included.
Mail these forms to:
26 Park Drive
Rocky Hill CT 06067
The following is required along with the application:
  • 3 photos showing front, side and rear view of the dog.
    • A copy of the existing registration papers (if available).
Please Note: Additional information may be required.

Before you register Electronically click below to determine appropriate fee(s) for the certificate or pedigree that you are ordering.

Please use the online forms below if applicable for registering
your dog or litter. Choose the form(s) that best meet your needs.

Dog Registration: Certificate/Pedigree
Form Instructions-Use this form when you have information (even if you only have part of that information) which includes dog, sire, dam, grandparents and great grandparents.
Electronic form - can be filled out online.
Short Print Form-this form can be printed out and mailed if you only have the Sire and Dam's information.

Litter Registration:
(Both parents must be registered with the NRTR before you can register a litter.)
Electronic Litter Form-this form can be filled out online. FREE REGISTRATION
This form allows you to register your litters online and print out your own puppy registration forms. Once your litter form is submitted, you will receive your litter registration numbers via email to be inserted on the forms you print out. You will also receive a link to print out your Puppy Applications for your new owners.
Record Of Litter - Use this form to keep track of all the puppies in your litters. (Printable)

Printable Litter Application
Litter Print Form - this form can be printed out and mailed.
Puppy registrations will be mailed to you. $4.00 MAILING FEE per litter.

Supplemental Transfers:
Any time a dog or puppy changes owners before it is registered a supplemental transfer is required to verify this transfer. Supplemental Transfer Print Form

All photos and registrations become the sole property of the NRTR and can not be returned. (Copyright 1996)