What you need to know before purchasing a Rat Terrier click here
Sizes- Tot under 5lbs - Toy under 10lbs - Mini - 10-18lbs - Standard - 18-28lbs - Decker Giant - 22-40lbs.
Type - Class A- square body, longer leg. Class B- shorter legs in proportion to body length.
Uses - Companion, pet, hunting, utility, show, agility.
Life span - 15-18 years
Adaptability - all climates, apartments and homes all situations.
Temperament - Excellent with family, personality outgoing when socialized, excellent guard dog, good with other pets, excellent with children when raised with respect, non- yappy, intelligent, loyal, sensitive and loving.
Training - housebreaking extremely easy with consistency. Obedience, learns very quickly and should be taught. Can be trained for any hunting or working task. Natural ratters and vermin dogs. They seek to please their owners.
Sexes - no major differences.
Availability - Spread out across the USA
Health - See Health Survey Archive
Colors - All except brindle and merle (pure white not acceptable in show ring).
Coat - short
Ears - erect, tipped and button.
Prices - average price $900.00
Other - Club, National Rat Terrier Association.
              Recommended Registry, National Rat Terrier Registry.
For Additional Information - see Standards, NRTR RegistrationBreeders List.



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