In Memory Of
 I am writing today with great sorrow in my heart.
Our Dear Vice President of the NRTA, Lou Blanco passed away on March 2, 2010.
She has served us with loyalty and compassion for many years.
Her wisdom and knowledge of dogs has helped so many understand our Rat Terriers.
She has mentored many new breeders and some of us long time breeders as well. 
It is for the love of the Rat Terrier that she holds so dearly.

 The sun will be shining bright once again for her as she is now peacefully starting a new life. We will 
never forget all that she has contributed to the Rat Terrier and her great love for them. 
She is one in a trillion.
She is not only our Vice President, she is a dear friend to me and many others.

 Margaret Burz NRTA President