What is the purpose of Breed Clubs? To promote the breed of choice. To share among others of like interest and to let others know the benefits and the drawback of the breed. All clubs ARE NOT for everyone. Nothing is. The important fact is to promote, own and breed positively and healthfully, that really matters. The rest is a matter of esthetics. 

     Should you belong to more than one Club/Registry if possible? Yes, it would be to your disadvantage not to. Understanding comes from all angles. To view from one side is detrimental. Progress is brought about by knowledge and being well rounded. Going by one school of thought leads to a narrow outlook. 

     What's better and why? Nothing is better than another. It's point of view. People are quite diverse in their interests. Personal likes-dislikes and opinions are the judge. Preferences are solely subjective. Let's liken it to the 2 different types of Rat Terriers. One being shorter and stockier, the other taller and square. What makes one better than the other? Personal preference. The size of the Club doesn't matter, quantity does not mean quality. Quality is in a class of it's own. 

     Controversy keeps minds alive. When things are so standardized a large population will no longer want it. "Variety is the spice of life", so it is said. There is enough room on earth for ALL kinds and ALL view points. What really matters is the breed and how it will progress. 

     Competing for the best keeps you on your toes, always striving for a greater result in a positive manner. So when your searching for information or an answer or a Breed Club or Registry to belong to-What really matters? Being all inclusive and TO EACH HIS OWN! 


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