"Where beauty, health, and sound temperaments meet".
"Come enjoy my dogs with me"
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"A 28+ year old bloodline"
Owner Kerri Miller.
Toutle, Washington
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A little about me, and the dogs I have been blessed to have in my life.

Some of my earliest memories are of me being under 4 years old, and always having one of my parents' dogs with me.  Back then, my Mother raised Australian Shepherds.  I can remember playing in the back 40 with one of them most days (back when you could send your 5 year old off with the family dog in the woods to play for hours).  The dogs were my friends, and my protectors.  I LOVED puppies, of course!  Mom would frequently come in and put a puppy in my bed for me to snuggle with.  Now in my 40s, I still like to snuggle with the pups whenever I can. 
I began raising the Rat Terriers when my Mom decided to retire from the industry.  I lived on a farm, and had the ability to take on her kennel.  Years later, life circumstances forced the kennel closed.  I have spent about 7 years away from breeding.  I had my Pitbull, and hairless, but I was far from the breeding World.  I began to realize that I loved the dogs, and I had learned so much by caring for Mom's kennel those years.  I had learned what no text book could teach me ever.  After thinking long and hard about returning to breeding, I had to think of WHY I wanted to come back.  After much soul searching, the answers came.  I loved the dogs, and I loved the people I had worked with.  I loved bringing a puppy to others.  Afterall, puppies bring so much love and happiness to us all.  I also learned that what I had with the dogs was a gift from God.  I thought everyone got along with dogs, and understood them like I did.  I learned over my years away that it wasn't so.  What I also grew to know was that I was to share my gift with others....I was to share my dogs with others. I connect with the dogs in a way I was not aware of.  I took it all for granted before, but not anymore. 
Come enjoy my dogs with me......
Where beauty, health, and sound temperaments meet.  For the love of ALL dogs...and because every child should have the opportunity to grow up with a canine friend and protector.


"Fire Mountain Norths Sierra"

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Sunset Acres Too Star Struck

Fern Hills Lottie

My Girl
Fern Hills Cindi




Alex and Tuff (left)

Alex (right)


“Lukah and his girl” 
Photo credit: Lindsey Gray 
Previous Offspring from Alex and Tuff

11 wk Female out of Tuff and Alex

Copyright by Owner

Enjoy a video of a 7 month old female in her new home in Texas !!
Enjoy some long ago history of Fire Mountain in the photos shown below.

Fire Mountains "Jim Dandy"
One of the originators or the Fire Mountain dogs.

"Marcella" an original Decker dog.

"Fire Mountains Ringo Rules"
Original Decker dog

"Fire Mountains Glory"

"Fire Mountains Tis Blue"

"Fire Mountains Fire Fly"

"Fire Mountains Midnight Cowboy"

"Fire Mountains "Crystal"

"Fire Mountains Yankee Doodle Dandy" (Danner)

Fire Mountains "Sassy Sarah" 

"Fire Mountains Yankee Star"
Male out of Sarah and Danner see above.

"Fire Mountains Rio Grande"

"Fire Mountains Tequila Sunrise"

"Fire Mountains Tonka"

"Fire Mountains Jewel"

"Fire Mountains Tank" 55 pounds

"Fire Mountains Montezuma" (Monty)

"Fire Mountains Cocoa"

"Fire Mountains Heather"

"Fire Mountains Heather and Crystal"

"Fire Mountains Shanty" Some commonly refer to this color as a ''Calico"

 "Cocoa" and "Gabby"
Out of Fire Mountain
Out of Fire Mountain North
"Fire Mountains Silverado"
Decker bloodline
50 pounds

"Fire Mountains Lil Boy Blue"

These pups are out of Desiree and Rhinestone

A couple of past litters