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Owner Darla Wilson 
Phone # 805-440-4006
Located in the small town of Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast of California, my "little rat pack" enjoys the sunshine and  ocean breezes, mild winters and cool summers.  These small mini-size, (occasionally a toy) Class A, rat terriers with some "decker blood" are raised right in the house as part of the family.  My adults are extremely healthy due to the fact that they are fed an all natural, raw food diet.  As soon as the puppies are old enough, they, too, are fed the same.  I feel that they have the best start in life with no poisons and preservatives and it shows in their beautiful coats and teeth.  If continued on this diet, you can expect your puppy to live a long and healthy life with few vet bills.
When the puppies are about six weeks old, they begin to use the doggie door to the outside world, a nice grassy area apart from the other dogs.   By the time they are eight weeks, they have mastered it and are running in and out quite readily and doing their business outside.  I love to watch them grow.  They remind me of the little circus dogs I loved to watch as a child.
I pride myself in having not only healthy dogs and puppies, but also quite beautiful ones with great temperaments, athletic ability and intelligence.  My adults have all proven themselves to be loyal companions, easy to work with and quite trainable.  I believe in early socialization not only for my puppies but my adult dogs as well, so my adults are great travelers, love to go on walks and do well in crowds.  They have the stamina to do miles behind my horse or the temperament to kick back and take a nap!  They are reliable and get along well with each other while I am away.  This tells me that their offspring will most likely make wonderful companions with very few problems for you to have to deal with.
Currently I am breeding black tri's, pearls, chocolates, once in a while apricots and lemons.  All my puppies are sold guaranteed healthy and sound and are registered with UKCI, some double registered with NRTA.  I am now working on registering them with UKC and AKC as well. They are wormed regularly, first shots are given, tails and dewclaws removed.  My dogs are all PLL clear by parentage.
Thank you for visiting my site.  Please e-mail or call me if you have questions regarding the availability of puppies, how to reserve a puppy or would like to see more pictures.
Darla Wilson
Fair Oaks Li’l Rat Terriers
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13 lbs. carries apricot. blue, chocolate

  Chocolate Tri - 9lbs.
Red and White Bi color - 13lbs.

Pearl tri, may carry apricot - 11lbs.
Cinnamon.  She is a red sable and will be about 8 lbs
McKenzie.  Will mature out at 11-12 lbs., a blue tri

Black White Bi color -11lbs.

Chocolate Tri Female - 10lbs.


Diamond Chip
11 lbs. carries chocolate

Grey Wolf's Legacy, aka Sneakers 
He is a pearl and weighs 12 lbs

Doing what dogs do.... some of my kids.

Someone's at the door......

Fair Oaks Ratman Retired
Male14 lbs. carries choc and blue


Hey guys wait for me

I ask for a Diamond collar and this is what I get ??

Hmmm Cherry or Strawberry

Hey I can only hold this position for so long, 
where's the grub?

 Yawn.....what's for breakfast ?

Look mom, I can point too!

 Man have I had a long day, phew. 
Tough being a dog you know.

Savannah Retired

Paris Retired

Orry Retired

 You want me to do what???! you see that big dog behind us? 
What do you think we should do? No you go first!!

You move over, No you move over, No you......
Quick you guys, come over here she has the treats !!! and on the right Toodles