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Our Association is based on evolution.  It will evolve by what is going on now.  How our Rats exist today and why they are loved and what they are known for.  The primary interest is directed towards informing fanciers and breeders about the Rat Terrier.  Think of us as a handbook.  We have experienced people, professionals and others to guide us in answering questions about health, breeding, training and genetic problems.  We will answer your questions on a personal basis. E-mail  nrta@cox.net 

 The NRTA is not an association that wants to keep doing what every other breed club has done.  We want people to know that this is your association and offers you the opportunity to participate.  The Rat Terrier Community is  the organization and play a vital role in the success of it at all levels.  From cabinet members, Regional Directors, State inspectors,  whether you have one Rat Terrier or many. The bottom line is to promote the breed for what it is, A loving creature. 

  We will center our attention on instilling fairness by having established a standard for how the breed is and was.  Keeping the breed in a form as it now exists, with its variations and variety's always in mind.  There are two Body Styles.  Class A for the square long leg type and Class B for the short legged longer body type (See Standards) We believe the hunters need this type for their important functional qualities not to mention the great companions they make. 

 Concentration will also be on recording backgrounds to further good lines and to offer photo or written  pedigrees through the ( NRTR) National Rat Terrier Registry, on your dogs as their Breed Club. We feel that the pedigrees are necessary to maintain high standards as an organization and it also keeps our original philosophy of keeping the breed in its pure form. 

Great consideration is taken to listen to community input and transfer it out to the public, whether they agree with us or they chastise us.  You will see the results.

Donations-any personal donations that you wish to make to help us keep your breed strong should be sent to NRTA  26 Park Drive  Rocky Hill, CT  06067.  Remember that any items, registrations, pedigrees etc. that are purchased from us will go directly for defraying the  costs of promotions, advertising, postage and printing of information sheets. 

 Goals of the NRTA are:
To create a nationwide effective organization to provide breeding information and open up the communication airways to all fanciers and breeders.
To promote the breed and have established standards.
To maintain dedication to the breed and to the organizations that maintain the dedication back to the breed and not to organizations that look for self gratification.
We want people to know that this is your association and offers you the opportunity to  participate, we function for the Rat Community. They are the organization and play a vital role in the success of it at all levels.
Everyone is entitled to fairness, all having an equal say on all issues.
To put forth truth and facts about the make-up of the Rat Terrier breed, taken from documented history for accurate up to date information about the breed.
To encourage true Rat Terrier breeding by discouraging hybrid breeding to promote pure Rat Terriers.
To form a group exclusive to Rat Terriers that works for the betterment of the breed and discourage participation in organizations that exploit, are money makers and don't foster positive concerns for the breed.
To have an easier method of registration, to unify registration for Rat Terriers.
 We are an organization dedicated against any exploitation's of the Rat Terrier Breed. 
We are an association built by ordinary people for ordinary people. A lot of ordinary people make an extraordinary organization.

An Association for your Rat and You!